First round: Online exam

What is the International Economics Olympiad?

The International Economics Olympiad is a science olympiad in which students all around the globe get to show their economical knowledge in the areas of Financial Literacy, Economics and Business and compete as nations. In addition to the exam you'll not only get to know a new country but also students from different countries.

What is the additional value of participating?

During the International Economics Olympiad you will not only strengthen your present knowledge but you'll also be facing new challenges which will teach you new skills. Furthermore you'll have time to meet people from different cultures and go sightseeing in order to get to know the capital of Kazakhstan: Nur-Sultan
Please keep in mind: The participation on the international event is free of charge. The costs of traveling and the stay will be covered by the organization to the full extent.

How can you apply?

Under the following link you can participate on the first round of the competition: The Online Exam
link: https://firstround.economics.olympiad.ch/
The online exam can be solved during the following time frame: 23.03 - 06.04.2020
The Top 10 finalists will be invited to the national final where the Swiss delegation of four students will be chosen. 
Under the following link you can solve the demo-version of the online exam. This way you'll get an idea of how the exam will look like. Link: https://demo.economics.olympiad.ch 


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