Test your physics knowledge

How well have you mastered high school physics? Find out now. Maybe you’ll even qualify for the second round of the Physics Olympiad. You can take the test online until 6. October 2019.

This first test takes place at your school or at home. 120 students will qualify for the training camp. There you will meet like-minded people and learn the necessary skills for the second round. If you make it to the final round you can participate in a training camp at epfl as well as the final round in Aarau. There you will not only solve theoretical problems, there will also be a practical part with experiments. There you can secure a spot for the European Physics Olympiad 2020 in Romania or the International Physics Olympiad 2020 in Lithuania!


Take the test

The first round of the physics olympiad is a convenient online exam . It takes 40 minutes and consists of 22 short questions. Participation is possible until 30. September 2019. You do not need to prepare yourself. You just need a passion for physics. If you want to practice anyway you can find old exams here.


Structure & Important dates

Learn more about the structure of the Olympiad and the important dates.



We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are looking forward to your message.


Further articles


Training Camp 2020 at EPFL

Between the 14th and 16th of February, the traditional training camp of the Physics Olympiad took place at the EPFL. While the latter was getting prepared for a festive weekend, twenty-two participants from every corner of Switzerland converged on the campus to improve their knowledge of physics.



"Meine bisher beste Teamarbeit"

Bibin von der Informatik-Olympiade erzählt von seinen Erfahrungen am International Swiss Talent Forum. Einem Angebot für junge Menschen, die sich für die Herausforderungen unserer Zeit interessieren.


2. Round Results

From 600 participants down to 28. Over 600 students took on the challenge of the Physics Olympiad. 126 made it to the second round and 28 of them qualified for the final.


Good morning from 31.668360S, 24.695403E

I am Juliane, a volunteer from the geography olympiad and researcher at University of Basel. If you ever wondered what Geographers are doing, you can follow my research trip on instagram.


Wenn sich die "Extraschlaufe" Doktorat lohnt

Als Simona Isler sich für ein Doktorat entscheidet, ahnt sie, dass der Berufseinstieg später nicht einfach werden würde. Ein Interview mit der heutigen Gleichstellungsbeauftragten des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds SNF.






Von Zahlen und Zügen

Viviane Kehl von der Mathematik-Olympiade arbeitet nun bei der SBB. In welche Richtung sie beruflich gehen wollte, fand sie heraus, indem sie ihren eigenen Interessen nachging − und zwar auch jenseits des Stundenplans.