The Global Quarantine Mathematical Olympiad is looking for volunteers

All over the world, young mathematicians find themselves in a similar situation: They are stuck at home, they have to take classes online and many of the mathematical competitions they were looking forward to have been cancelled or postponed. But there is a silver lining on the horizon: The Global Quarantine Mathematical Olympiad promises two weekends in May full of mathematical challenges. The online competition was launched by volunteers of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad and has already gathered close to 2000 international participants. Now, GQMO is looking for volunteers!

The origin of participants who have applied to GQMO.

The experience level of GQMO participants.

Tanish Patil and Valentin Imbach from Switzerland both spent their high school years in the camps of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad, or traveling around the globe to the IMO. Now, they are putting an end to lockdown boredom with a whole new online maths competition: The Global Quarantine Mathematical Olympiad! The event consists of two exams which can be completed from home and submitted digitally. Participants can take the exam during any 5 hours period on the weekends of May 9/10 and May 16/17. The exam on the first weekend will be easier, while the second weekend will feature a more advanced exam, especially suited for IMO preparation.


Organized from Switzerland with the support of the Swiss Maths Olympiad the GQMO has quickly become a global affair indeed: Over 1900 participants from more than 120 countries have already signed up. Most of them have previous experience on the national or international level, but there are also quite a few newcomers for whom this is their first introduction to the world of maths olympiads. By now, the application for participants is already closed. However, the GQMO is eagerly looking for volunteers! While there are already over 170 people volunteering for GQMO, more are still needed to translate and correct exams. If you are a mathematics student at university or you have considerable experience at maths olympiads, you are very much welcome to volunteer at GQMO. Especially if you know languages: While the exams are already being translated in over 20 languages, the more languages GQMO can offer, the more inclusive the event can be for people from all over the world.


If you want to help, contact: info(at)gqmo.org or send them a message at m.me/imosuisse


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