Feed your curiosity

Your head craves knowledge and you are hungry for action? Great. Take up the challenge. Fight with your head: Use your brains to compete and win - all along the line: friendships, travels and medals. What are you waiting for?



Am I ready to compete?

Take the test:


1. do you go to school in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein?

2. you are not yet enrolled at a university or university of applied sciences?

3. You're under 20?


Three times YES? Then you're ready. Let's go to the Olympiad.

How it works:


4 phases, 1 year, 1 goal


Phase 1 - WARM RUN

Attend workshops, make preparations and take the first exam.


Phase 2 - TRAINING

Expert coaching in courses and camps - for the national final.


Phase 3 - FIGHTING

Swiss champions from all schools are competing against each other - now it's time for international participation.


Phase 4 - WIN

The best of the best are there: they represent Switzerland at the International Olympiad. For example in Tehran, Beijing, Paris and numerous other metropolises around the world.



You want to dive into life?

Then do the bio-test. You take him, you go to the organic camp. The unique insights and secrets of life await you there. For example, you experience a heart section. Of course not on you. You "only" give away your brain: study the basics and go on for another round. The doors to the fascinating laboratories of the University of Berne are already opening. Experiment, marvel, puzzle. And perhaps win: a research internship or even a ticket to the International Biology Olympiad..



You like small particles?

Then do the chemistry test. If you pass this test - then the EPF Lausanne and the University of Zurich await you: with exciting research projects, full pipettes - and brain cells that run hot. If you make it into the final week, you will go to the laboratories of ETH Zurich with safety glasses and lab coats. If you get gold there, it goes out into the big wide world: You represent Switzerland at the International Chemistry Olympiad.




Climate change- no fake news for you?

Then join the geo test. Is everything in the green? Well then: off to the geo-camp and off into the field. To the National Park. This is about facts: Geodata are collected, digitized and analyzed by you. And you're ready for the final. Four wins - worldwide: The four best make it to the international Geography Olympiad.



Data highways are your home base?

Then take the computer science test. Show us that you know the digital universe really well. With algorithms and codes: You're planning a itinerary to the moon? Or you want to turn the bad guy into a superhero? You learn the craft in courses at ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne and the University of Berne. If your programs are convincing, you will continue to work in the winter camp. Another exam, the final - and perhaps ENTER: to the International Informatics Olympiad.


Victor with vector? 

Then take the math test. From tricky combinatorics to complex geometry to linear equations - your brain spits out the right result? Logical! Then you're ready for round two in math camp. Here are numerous tips and tricks that may even catapult you into the final. And whoever wins, gets to the top. Not in singularity theory, but in reality: Participation times 3 - in the 3 international mathematics Olympiads.




Have you ever wondered if sense makes any nonsense?

Then take part in the Philosophy-Olympiad. Explore human existence and its depths. The first essay already deals with meaningful topics such as justice, fidelity, beauty and language. Question what is there to question. Why, why, why? And why not the other way around? What's the point? Maybe embedded in your text? Is it original and coherent? Great - then maybe the semi-final makes sense? Workshops and writing courses follow. To be there or not - that's the question: because the best represent Switzerland at the International Philosophy Olympiad.


Space and time are your matter?

Then do the physics test. This raises big and small questions about contents such as space, mechanics, thermodynamics and electricity. If you make that jump, it's time for physics camp. You get to know the physics institute of the EPFL and beam yourself to the finals with your knowledge. And that was where Einstein once graduated from high school: to Aarau. If you win there, you will travel even further through space with your matter: to the two international physics Olympiads.



You get the most out of microchips?

Then do the robotics test. You and your team are building a robot. And one who does: reduce waste, tie shoelaces - or how R2D2 saves the world. The main thing is that he solves a real problem. What do you need? A coach and a love of tinkering and technology. For two days your robot will compete against other robots from all over Switzerland. If your machine is one of the best, your robot will travel to the finals with you and your team: to the international robotics Olympiad.