Because you create knowledge

We, the Science Olympiad, want to make a sustainable contribution to the promotion of young scientists in Switzerland. And that's where we need your support! Because you create knowledge. For the next generation, and for science.


By motivating, informing and coaching your classes you play an important role - as a teacher and as an individual. You help us to promote young talent in Switzerland by identifying and encouraging those who yearn for more. No matter whether entire school classes or individuals, as long as your protégés pass on their knowledge with passion: to the Science Olympiad - and out into the wide world.



Short and compact

Please note that the modalities may vary slightly depending on the discipline. On the homepages of the respective Olympiad you will find all the detailed information!


They know

More than 250 schools have already taken part in the Olympiads.

Get yourself inspired:



Why should I register my students?

Because you make a valuable contribution.


  • You promote the talents of your pupils - in addition to your school lessons, with limited time expenditure for yourself.
  • You may lay the foundation for your pupil's future study or career in the respective subject area.
  • You motivate change: Your students discover unknown perspectives or undreamt-of talents
  • You will find out where your pupils stand - in national and international comparison.
  • You can be proud: of the achievements of your students, of the commitment of your school - and of your contribution.



You can also develop your personal skills with us: The informatics and robotics Olympiads offer workshops especially for interested teachers.

What level should the students have?

The Science Olympiad is open to all interested students.


It doesn't matter whether they are individuals or a whole school class: as long as they are interested in the subject.

The following conditions of participation* apply to all Olympiads:


  • Age: under 20 years (exceptions may be possible after consultation)
  • School: Attendance of any school (including International Schools) in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • University: The students must not be registered at any university
  • Registration: within the specified time limits


*These requirements may vary slightly depending on the subject. You can find more detailed information on the participation requirements on the websites of each Olympiad.

How does the registration work?

Different, depending on the discipline


Please directly consult the website of the respective Olympiad.


We would be pleased if you include the Science Olympiad in your school's talent promotion programme. Marco Gerber will be happy to assist you.

How do the Olympiads work?



Phase 1 – THE WARM UP

Attending workshops, preparing individually, and taking the first exam.



Benefiting from expert coaching and specialized camps – preparing for the National Final.



All Swiss champions from all schools compete against each other – and for the tickets to the International Olympiads.



The best minds take the spotlight: they represent Switzerland at the International Olympiads in places such as Tehran, Beijing, Cluj-Napoca, or other metropolises around the world.

How much do I need to invest?



We know that you already have enough to do. So your tasks are usually very simple:

  • You are responsible for the motivation of the students. Special trainings or preparations are not necessary.
  • You inform and "delegate": Some subjects offer extra preparation workshops before the first exams.

The exact modalities differ depending on the subject - please find all relevant information on the corresponding Olympiad website.

As a basic rule:

You initiate the first exam. This is rather convenient - during class or as a homework assignment. Depending on the subject, the time required is approx. 20-90 minutes. The tests can be performed electronically and/or in paper form.

Test is done? After the first exams, you as a teacher are released from your duties: From now on, the volunteers of the Science Olympiad will take over all other tasks. Thank you for your commitment!

Who helps me if help is needed?

We do, of course.


  • We correct all tests
  • We organize all workshops, camps as well as the national and international competitions
  • We will be happy to help you if you have any further questions



By the way: The Olympiad associations function only thanks to the untiring commitment of our volunteers, who are often former Olympiad participants themselves. They support the participants, organize all events and prepare, carry out and correct the exams, completing the cycle.

How much does it cost to participate?

Nothing - with one exception.

Participation in the Olympiad is basically free of charge.


For you, the roule should be: fewer work and fewer costs. We prepare as much as possible to minimize your effort and your expenses. As a teacher, you will receive a test template in some subjects, which you can easily copy for your students. For some subjects, the test can also be completed online - also free of charge, of course.


No rule without exception: robotics.

Robotics is currently the only Olympad where a participation fee has to be paid.

Pretty useful

Find here some useful contenct for your lessons:

Experiments, exam questions, references, scripts, tips and tricks and much more.


Boden hautnah

Sie beschäftigen sich gerade mit Bodentypen und wollen Ihren Schülerinnen und Schülern zeigen, wie der Boden unter Ihren Füßen aussieht? Sie wollen Erosion und Deposition anschaulich erläutern? Dann schnappen Sie sich ein paar Spaten und auf gehts.


Experiment Seilreibung

Sie suchen nach einem guten Experiment zu den Themen Reibung und Mechanik? Et voilà: Die Physik-Olympiade bietet Ihnen hierzu das Experiment "Seilreibung". Danach wird Ihren Schülerinnen und Schülern klar sein, warum Seile ganze Schiffe befestigen können.


Tischlein deck dich - ein mathematisches Festessen

Willkommen beim Festessen der mathematischen Leckerbissen. Lassen Sie es sich schmecken und picken Sie ein paar Spezialitäten für Ihre Schülerinnen und Schüler heraus. Es könnte ihren Appetit anregen.


So macht Programmieren in der Schule Spass

Der Lehrplan 21 ist da: Informatik wird ein wichtiges Thema im Unterricht. Da kommt die Frage auf: Wie vermitteln wir Informatik interessant und spannend? Programmieren lernen kann theoretisch und trocken sein − muss es aber nicht. Mit den passenden Tools macht's Spass. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren.


Neue BioApp – mit Fragen und Antworten der Biologie-Olympiade

Lehrpersonen der Biologie können sich freuen: Auf ein praktisches, neues Tool für den Unterricht auf Sekundarstufe II. Die kostenlose BioApp wurde von Lehrkräften und Medizininformatikern entwickelt. Fragen und Antworten wurden von der Bio-Olympiade erarbeitet. Wir freuen uns, das Projekt als Mitherausgeberin zu unterstützen.



Announcement of the results of the 1st round in Zurich



Workshops und Essaywettbewerb in Genf, Wetzikon und Immensee


There are no agenda entries avaiable

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