And the finalists are...

In May, the first round of the Geography Olympiad took place online - as usual. Now the finalists who will compete for a spot in the iGeo Team 2021 are determined.

With about 960 conducted exams, we achieved a new record of participants! Wow! Unfortunately we still did not manage to encourage pupils from the french and italian-speaking parts of Switzerland, but one person from Liechtenstein! The top score was 25 out of 40.



We are happy to announce the 20 finalists! All of them will participate in the Summer Camp by Esri in the Swiss Nationalpark before the final round is held in autumn.


Autres articles


Humans of Girls Camp

From the 7th to the 14th of September, 14 young coders met in Vaumarcus, Neuchâtel, for the “Girls Camp” of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics (SOI). We asked some of them what they learned in the camp, what informatics means for their future and what they think about events specifically for young women.


A message to the IEO team from Alexandra Dache

Alexandra Dache, coordinator of academic preparation for the Swiss Economics Olympiad, shares a message to Silvan Thut, Aline Leutwiler, Ana Van der Ree and Dario Ackermann who represented Switzerland at the International Economics Olympiad 2020.



Un Suisse remporte le bronze aux Olympiades internationales d’économie

Combien devrait coûter un vaccin contre le Covid-19? Comment investir correctement? C’est sur de telles questions que se sont penchés les participants suisses aux Olympiades internationales d’économie de cette année. Du 8 au 13 septembre, les quatre jeunes talents ont passé une semaine à l’Université de Berne pour passer ensemble les épreuves en ligne.


A philosophical quest

After the final of this year's Philosophy Olympiad was reduced to an online essay competition, the participants finally met in person at the beginning of September. They spent four days traveling across Switzerland in the footsteps of two famous philosophers.


A final change and 10 new all-girls teams

An article on the website of the World Robot Olympiad talks about how the Swiss Robotics Olympiad is coping with the pandemic - and how they managed to double the number of female participants in one year with their initivative "Mehr Girls in Robotik".


Cinq mentions d’honneur pour la Suisse aux Olympiades de mathématiques d’Europe centrale

«Séparé∙es géographiquement, réuni∙es mathématiquement», tel était le slogan des Olympiades de mathématiques d’Europe centrale (MEMO en abrégé) de cette année. Dû à la pandémie, le concours a eu lieu en ligne. Les participant∙es suisses n’ont pas pour autant dû renoncer à l’échange international. L’équipe de Slovénie leur a en effet rendu visite en Suisse.