Science Olympiad Day 2019

Let us celebrate the Science Olympiad

When: Saturday, September 14, 2019 - Save the date!


Where: UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Bern


Who: All volunteers, former participants and friends are welcome


Registration opens soon upon invitation (will be send by email). First come, first served.





Doors open. Welcome coffee and croissants for early birds


Welcome to morning programme


Morning programme (optional)
Oeschger Climate Centre and more (further details below)




Afternoon programme
Awards for best individuals and team, videos and more (further details below)




End of event

Morning Programme (optional)

There will be three different programme options to choose from. When registering, you'll be able to indicate your priorities. Numbers of participants are limited. First come, first served.


Feel the heat of climate research at the Oeschger Centre 

Get to know the Oeschger Centre for Climate and Climate Change Research (OCCR), the interdisciplinary centre of excellence for climate research of the University of Bern. Play the Great Climate Poker (an interactive simulation game), meet young researcher Hélène Barras who studies hail using crowdsourced data, and visit the paleolimnology lab of the Centre's director Prof. Dr. Martin Grosjean where lake sediments are used as climate archives. Programme offered in English.


Fake or True? - and how important is this for science and society? 

Knowledge is of great importance to our society. But how do we communicate this? How do we deal with someone who does not recognize facts as such? What responsibility do we have as scientists (and do we have any at all)? Take part in the interactive workshop of Jonas Wittwer (science philosopher ETH) and Fabienne Odermatt (Master International Relations, SOAS), both of whom work for the think tank reatch. Held in High German (hosts understand English and French).


A third programme will be announced later


Afternoon programme

After lunch, we will welcome you to the afternoon programme in UniS. We will:

  • celebrate and recap the Olympiad year 2019
  • watch the videos of this year's international delegations
  • award the best individuals and the best team with prizes and honour
  • get entertained (hopefully) by a scientific theatre battle

Afterwards, an apéro awaits where you will have time to mingle with your friends and make new acquaintance. The party will end at 18:00.


You want to participate? Registration opens soon. Invitation will be send by email. First come, first served.


Impressions of OlyDay 2018

Not sure what to expect from that OlyDay? Well, something similar to last year, yet still different. Get here some glimpses on the Olympiad Day 2018:


Review of OlyDay 2018 in German


Review of OlyDay 2018 in French