Science Olympiad Day 2018

Let us celebrate the Science Olympiad

When: Saturday, September 29, 2018 - Save the date!


Where: UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Bern


Who: All volunteers, former participants and friends are welcome


Don't forget to register. First come, first served.





Welcome coffee and croissants


Morning programme
Botanical garden, NCCR PlanetS or Catalyst workshop (see below for further details)




Afternoon programme
Awards for teams and individuals, videos of the international adventures, Super Olympiad and more




End of event

Morning Programme (optional)

When registering, choose your priorities from the following morning programme options. Per option, there are only limited numbers of participants. First come first served.


Travel with Humboldt to Earth's botanical garden

Guided tour about Alexander von Humboldt, the Prussian polymath, geographer, naturalist and explorer. Walk in his steps through the botanical garden of Bern, and learn how the botanical garden and the Uni Bern save endangered plant species. You'll be mainly outdoors (just like real explorers). Bring suitable clothes. Including 20 minutes of walking to the garden and another 20 minutes back. Tours in English.


Race to other galaxies with the NCCR PlanetS

Presentation and lab inspection at the Center for Space and Habitability of the Uni Bern, part of the National Competence Center for Research NCCR PlanetS. Learn about Rosetta and Rosina, and see how thoroughly space instruments are tested on a shaker. Tours and presentation in English.


Get catalyzed and present yourself

Wanna work on yourself? Join this workshop run by the scientists and improv experts of The Catalyst from Lausanne. Here, you'll lean into the creative process of science: improvisation, collaboration, innovation. You'll improve your presentation skills just on the go. Workshop in English.


Afternoon programme

After lunch (13:00-14:00) we'll welcome you to the afternoon programme in UniS. We will

  • celebrate the past Olympiad year
  • award the best individuals and team with honour and prizes
  • get entertained (hopefully)
  • and compete in the Super Olympiad

After the show, an apéro will be served where you'll have lots of time to mingle with your friends and make new acquaintance. The party will end at 18:00.


You want to participate? Feel free to do so by filling in this form. Friends, and partners are welcome too upon registration. If you want to particpate in one of the morning programme activities, fill in your priorities. There are limited number of participants, first come first served. You'll be informed about which activity you can attend before the Olympiad Day.

Register now!