Science Olympiad General Assembly

Save the date: 02.07.2022, Bern

General Assembly with a twist: This year's general assembly will be accompanied by an additional program. So be there or be square.

General Assembly July 2022



Meet old and news faces

Mingle with volunteers from all 10 Science Olympiads. 


Learn new things

In a workshop, you will get the opportunity to learn something new and work together with other volunteers.



Sit together with other volunteers and help shape the future of our association with your ideas and opinions.



We will conclude the day in a relaxed fashion with a delicious barbecue.


The General Assembly takes place on July 2 2022 in Bern. It will be accompanied by an additional program including a workshop in the afternoon and a barbecue in the evening.


All three parts of the program will take place at Uni H6 (University of Bern, Hochschulstrasse 6) in Bern.

How to get there

The meeting itself takes place at the Uni H6 (University of Bern, Hochschulstrasse 6) in Bern and online. The workshop and barbecue will also be held at the University of Bern.


The location is only a three-minute walk away from Welle 7 at Bern main station.

Workshop - Volunteer management

In our afternoon workshop, we will learn about different methods to recruit new volunteers and keep existing ones. How can we use current trends in volunteering to appeal to potential volunteers? How do we improve motivation of other volunteers and ourselves?


This is a topic, which affects us all. So be there and learn how to ensure the future of your Olympiad.


If you have any specific aspects, you would like to cover, feel free to contact Dominic.


Registration is now open until June 26 2022.


Do you want to participate? Register here. See you in July!


For deregistration or any other questions please write an email to Dominic.

Protective measures

We will closely monitor all developments concerning the Covid pandemic and will inform you if there are any significant changes that could affect our event.

News for you




Join the MEMO22 team!

Are you still free at the end of August? Are you looking to meet new people and make new friends? Would you like to support a project for motivated high-school students that brings together like-minded people? Then you have come to the right place.



Robotik-Workshops für Einsteigerinnen und Fortgeschrittene

Lerne gemeinsam mit anderen jungen Frauen, wie du Mini-Roboter bauen und programmieren kannst. Das ist nicht neu für dich? Dann besuche die Workshops für Fortgeschrittene. Das Angebot richtet sich an Schülerinnen im Alter ab 8 Jahren.



IT-Feuer Portrait: PhD Studentin Julia Chatain

“Die Informatik schafft eine Verbindung zwischen Mensch und Mathematik.”



IT-Feuer Portrait: Google Software-Engineer Jasmin Vu

"Viele Leute denken, dass man ein Genie sein muss, um Informatik zu studieren. Das ist natürlich nicht wahr!."



IT-Feuer Portrait: SimplyScience Projektleiterin Souad Sellami

"In der Informatik muss man immer dranbleiben, es entwickelt sich alles sehr schnell. Man sollte stets neugierig sein und sich nicht entmutigen lassen."



IT-Feuer Portrait: Enseignante Biljana Petreska von Ritter

"Pour que l’informatique puisse mieux servir la société, les personnes qui la développent doivent mieux représenter notre société et pour l’instant les femmes y sont minoritaires."


Please feel free to contact Dominic. He will be happy to assist you.


Dominic Schmid

Olympiad coordinator

+41 31 684 51 68