We, at the Science Olympiad, want to make a lasting contribution to the promotion of young scientists in Switzerland. To reach our goal, we need you!


Why participate?

Because you give your students the chance to pursue their interests outside of the classroom and learn more about their favorite subject. You help them to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas with young scientists and travel. Last but not least, you can be proud: Of your students' achievements in national and international comparisons and of your own commitment.


Who can participate?

Anyone under the age of 20 who attends a school in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and is not yet enrolled at a university. As a rule, participants attend high schools or vocational schools. However, some Olympiads also offer competitions for younger people (robotics, mathematics, computer science).


How do the Olympiads work?

The Olympiads have an annual cycle with four phases: 1. test, 2. training with coaches in camps and workshops; 3. Swiss final and 4. International Olympiad. We are more than just a competition, because we also offer lessons and facilitate encounters with like-minded people. 


Step 1: Motivate students

Pupils can participate independently in many subjects: Chemistry, geography, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, physics, economics and philosophy. This means that you only need to inform them about the competition and motivate them to take part.


Step 2: Conduct the test at school

In some subjects, teachers are responsible for arranging the first round test . This can be done very conveniently - during lessons or as homework. Depending on the subject, the time required is approx. 45-90 minutes. The tests can be completed online and in some cases on paper.


Step 3: Relax

After the first test at the latest, you as a teacher are relieved of your duties in any case: From now on, the Science Olympiad volunteers will take over all further tasks!


Six Olympiad friends explain why the social aspect of the Olympiads is just as important as curiosity about the subject. 


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Teaching material from maths to philosophy

How we promote talented students


Over 400 volunteers organise the 10 Science Olympiads, including many teachers. On average, the work of one volunteer is equivalent to a 5% job. The 10 specialised Olympiads have joined together to form the "Science Olympiad" association. The association is run on a voluntary basis. The office employs 6 people on a part-time basis. Learn more.


Shared promotion of talents

Together with our partners at Swiss Youth in Science and the Swiss Study Foundation we are committed to the continuous and wide-ranging promotion of talent in Switzerland. You can find out which programmes are suitable for your students here:

Download poster talent promotion


Participation in the Science Olympiads is free of charge. This is possible thanks to the generous support of our partners and volunteers. We ensure a balanced portfolio of public and private support partners. In our fundraising activities, we are guided by the education funding charter of the Swiss Federation of Teachers (LCH)


Why should I register my students?

Because you make a valuable contribution.


  • You encourage the expression of your students’ talents outside the classroom with a minimum investment of time on your part.

  • You lay the groundwork for further studies or a career in the respective field area.

  • You encourage change: your students explore unknown talents and discover uncharted perspectives.

  • You learn where your students stand in national and international comparisons.

  • You become proud of your students' achievements, your school's commitment and your contribution.


You can develop your personal skills with us: The Olympiads in informatics and robotics offer workshops targeting interested teachers.

What is the level required for the olympiads?

The Olympiads are open to all those who are thirsty for knowledge.


Whether it is one student or an entire classroom, the most important thing is the thirst for knowledge.


The following requirements apply to all Olympiads*:


  • Under 20 years old (exceptions can be made on an individual basis)

  • Currently attending a secondary school in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • Enrolment in a university/high school has not taken place yet

  • Registration is done within the given deadlines


* These requirements vary slightly depending on the field. As an example, in the case of Robotics, pupils starting at the age of 8 can take part and, accordingly, there is no requirement of currently attending secondary school. You can find out more information on the homepage of the individual Olympiads.





Phase 1 – THE WARM UP

Attending workshops, preparing individually, and taking the first exam.



Benefiting from expert coaching and specialized camps – preparing for the National Final.



All Swiss champions from all schools compete against each other – and for the tickets to the International Olympiads.



The best minds take the spotlight: they represent Switzerland at the International Olympiads in places such as Tehran, Beijing, Cluj-Napoca, or other metropolises around the world.


So... Go Switzerland! Go Switzerland! Sign up! Sign up!


Relatively little.


After all, you already have enough to do. So what exactly do you have to do? Quite simple:

  • Motivate the students to participate. Special trainings or preparations are not necessary.

  • You inform and "delegate": Some Olympiads offer extra preparation workshops before the first exams.

The exact modalities differ depending on the subject - please find all relevant information on the corresponding website.

As a basic rule:

You initiate the first exam. This is rather convenient - collectively during class or as a homework assignment. Depending on the material, the time required is between 20-90 minutes. The Tests can be taken electronically and/or on paper.

Is the examination over? Then your task is completed. After the first round, your valuable contribution is fulfilled. The volunteers of the Science Olympiad will take over the other tasks. We thank you for your commitment!


Because registration differs from one field to the other, you are encouraged to consult the website of the respective Olympiad directly.


We would be pleased to see you include the Science Olympiads in your school's program for talent development. 

Can students with an impairment participate?

Our goal is to enable all young people to participate as fairly and barrier-free as possible. Pupils with a physical impairment, disability or chronic illness should also benefit from our educational program and receive the best possible support. We ask you or the affected pupil to contact us in order to work out an individual solution. 



Nothing - with one exception.


Logistically, your involvement requires little cost. We prepare everything possible to minimize your commitment and costs. As a teacher, you will receive a test template according to your field, which you can easily copy for your students. In some fields, the test can be taken online, thus free of charge.


No rule without exception: Robotics.

Participation in the Olympiads is free of charge, with the exception of the Robot Olympiad, in which participation requires a fee. Please contact the Robot Olympiad for information on the exact costs.